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Welcome to Fingerstyle Guitarist Buddy Tetreault's official website, www.BuddyGuitar.com!

Here's a poster from a past Concert!

Buddy Tetreault is a Master Fingerstyle Guitarist, who was a special invited performer at the 12th International Guitar Festival (National Theater, San Jose, Costa Rica), and who has toured across the USA & Europe.

As a Fingerstylist he plays a variety of styles that range from...Country, Classical, Celtic, Pop, Flamenco and Latino forming a unique style all his own!

Often you can hear a blend of styles in his arrangements, and the outcome is both exciting and unique!

Check out Buddy's article published by Deering Banjos here:

This video play-list starts off with a video of Buddy playing "The Lord's Prayer"!

Here's what Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitarist Doyle Dykes said about Buddy's playing and technique.

"When I first met Buddy Tetreault I knew his passion for the guitar was as deep as mine. He has taken ideas from some of the best players around and has added his own flair and signature to his music. His writing and arrangements go far beyond his age and experience. This is how I know it's a gift. Inspiration can't be bought or earned but somehow Buddy has tapped into to it. I believe it's because he has a heart for God and reaching people with his music for "Him". As you listen and enjoy this young man's music, you will detect his Central American influence from being a missionary and his deep southern American roots as well. Great stuff!

I appreciate Buddy as a musician.....and as my friend."
Doyle Dykes

Here is a news paper article on Buddy from Panama!

This is a poster from one of
Buddy's past concerts!

What's on Buddy's website:

Autobiography: Read Buddy's story here.

Buddy's BITS: The place for what's happened, been happenin' or 'bout to be happenin'!

Check out the first (and still only) Electric Guitar Buddy built. Check it out here!

Contact Us: For bookings, questions or how to order Buddy's CD's!

www.GoodTidingsMissions.com: This is our family's missions website!

Links Page: Take a look at Buddy's growing links page.

Listen & Order: Get a taste of Buddy's playing style via select sound clips off of his 3 CD's, "For the Record, "Huecolandia" and "Happy Fingers", Buddy's latest CD, and YouTube videos of Buddy playing the same pieces! You can place your orders online!

Song Lyrics: Here are the Lyrics to Huecolandia in Spanish with the English translation!

Tour Dates: Check out the Tour Page to see where Buddy will be next!

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